Styling Grease

•High shine finish with a medium to strong hold

•High quality ingredients: sulfate, paraben, and 

alcohol free

•Water based, washes out easily

•Medium to strong hold 

that lasts all day

•Easy to use, offers 

flexibility in styling

•Light and refreshing 


•Available in 4 oz

Shampoo and Conditioner

•This unique formula gives your hair a deep 

clean without striping the hair of its essential


•Made with essential peppermint and rosemary 


•Your hair and scalp will feel rejuvenated and 

completely refreshed

•Has a light fragrance of rosemary and peppermint

•Sulfate, paraben, and alcohol free –safe for color treated hair

•Available in a professional 16 oz. size

About Chad Michael

Styling Cream

• Medium shine with a low to 

medium hold

•High quality

 ingredients: sulfate, 

paraben, and alcohol 


•Water based, 

washes out easily

•Absorbs quickly in 

hair leaving no reside •Gives volume 

without weighing down the hair

•Light and refreshing 


• Available in 4 or 2 oz sizes

Chad Micheal hair products are all made with the highest quality ingredients and are highly concentrated so you only need to use a small amount. Used correctly these products will last several months. The hair styling products are available in a generous 4 oz. containers, as well as in a convenient 2oz travel size. The shampoo and conditioner are available in full 16 oz. professional bottles. All Chad Michael products, including the shampoo and conditioner, are free of sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. Safe for use on color treated hair.

Styling Clay

• Fine matte to semi-matte finish with a 

medium to strong hold

•High quality ingredients: sulfate, paraben, 

and alcohol free

•Water based, washes out easily

•Absorbs quickly in 

hair leaving no reside

•Gives volume without weighing down the 


•Light and refreshing fragrance

•Available in 4 oz or 2 oz sizes

The Razor Lounge features products by Chad Michael.

Styling Gel

•High shine finish with a low to 

medium hold

•High quality ingredients: sulfate, paraben, and alcohol free

•Water based, washes out easily

•Absorbs quickly in hair leaving no reside

•Light and refreshing fragrance

• Available in 4 oz or 2 oz sizes

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